Silently, Robotically “Pisces Falling” Series No.9 by Meyer Lane

**This is the 9th installment of my “Pisces Falling” Series. To see the entire story thusfar, find the Pisces Falling Category on the listings on the right sidebar. I am having great fun with this story . . . a little at a time.   😉  ** ~ Meyer Lane

Buzzing with activity. The city is on fire, consumed by the excitement and fear of the soon to be departed army. The soldiers did not waste a minute saying their goodbye’s to family and friends even though they are taught not to believe in goodbye’s. I feel it gives a soldier more upfront hope and confidence that they have the ability to get back home. So, with their private goodbye’s said, the army now is in full swing of preparation for the voyage. They are working together silently, robotically.

Three days til we depart. Everywhere, everything, every person, seems to be in a dream world. Like this whole world we sit in right now is completely fake. I rub my eyes. Lips are chapped. I don’t remember the last time I ate or drank.

It almost like I expect to wake of from this dream . . . this nightmare. Yet, for all of my fears, I must not fail. For all of our lost children I must not fail. For all of our future hopes and dreams, I must not fail. For all of Lyria, I must not fail.

~ Meyer Lane

Once and for All ” Pisces Falling” Series No.8 by Meyer Lane

The room is smoky and tense as I open the door as if half attending are bothered to be there and half would much rather be there than on Varnoo.

As I walk into the counsel room, I realize that they are completely out of their element. Training to kill or defend is one thing, but expecting them to sit calmly and speak to one another…well…doesn’t always work out.

As expected Yanis Stahl, the eldest counsel member (and most hard headed) speaks out first. I didn’t even sit down yet. His long white beard almost bristling with anger. I think he sleeps with his battle suit on…just in case.

” I do not understand why we must sit down and talk. Talk about strategy and girlie games. There is only one way to fight…that is face to face!” A couple in the counsel roar approval, others chuckle at how familiar we are with Yanis’ temper.

Brin Moran stands up. He is a younger counsel member, but one who has garnered much respect through bravery on the battlefield. ” With all due respect, Yanis, I share your passion. My passion is also to crush every last standing Varnoo into a memory. I believe we will do that. I believe, as we have all been taught, to fight smart. To know your opponents next move even before they know it. To do this, we must get inside their heads. We must know their plan. We must see it before they use it on us…thereby rendering their plan useless. My King…my proposal is this; we need a diversion. We need to wait until just before the invasion and send the bulk of our forces in by way of the Living Hologram Link. In essence…fake an invasion. Then, we separate the link and bring the entire force in to destroy this evil once and for all.”

I didn’t need to say one word…The entire counsel stood and roared slapping Brin on the back.

Once and for all, I thought.

I stand up…” So it is settled then. I expect all commanders to make the details of this known. Timing will be of the essence. We leave in four days. Goodnight men.”

by Meyer Lane

Body Count “Pisces Falling” Series No.7 by Meyer Lane

I head directly for the hologram arena. There is a resolve here now I cannot explain. My battle suit now feeling like a second skin. My hands as much of a weapon as any other I know. My awareness…second sight.

527 says something as I step into the arena…I couldn’t hear what he said.

As 527 approaches the control panel to start the sequence…I leap…spin to my right and back thrust as the Varnoo appears at the ready.

Kill shot. He didn’t have a chance.

527 announces “New Arena Record” I pay no attention to 527 or the onlookers now gathering outside the arena to watch their King.

Next Sequence…two Varnoo. One Attacks as the other waits for just before the strike to shoot his poison dart.

Block Varnoo 1…dodge poison dart. Strike the the lower calf of Varnoo 1…to the bone. Swing around and shoot Varnoo 2….Head shot…blood everywhere.

Varnoo strikes slicing my midsection through my suit. 527 must have turned on the pain amplifier…searing pain from a blade made to cause continuous bleeding. I fall clutching my side. Varnoo 1 comes in for the kill. He jumps in head first… blade in double handed drive. I wait for what seems like five minutes, lasts only a fraction of a second. I know something he doesn’t know…my reach is longer. Blade out in a counter thrust, this time form my left hand.

I drive my blade deep into the Varnoo skull. It collapses…they have a weak skull structure.

Game Over.

527 turns off the sequence. My wound fades away with the pain. It felt good. I could not even hear the cheers from outside the arena. It still did not matter to me. I suppose it gave them faith. For me, it was only a brief feeling of authority…control…superiority. I want more.

I will have my chance. Wave after wave of Lyrian troopers will have a chance.

It won’t be one on one…or even two on one. On Varnoo…it will be thousands on thousands. A different game all together. It is a different strategy altogether.

I think to myself…lets just see what the counsel has come up with. Whatever is decided, I know there is only one thing I am interested in and that is not conquest.

I am only interested in body count.

~ Meyer Lane

Dead Already ” Pisces Falling” Series No.6 by Meyer Lane

” I heard about your practice in the arena, Sire. 527 said it was most uncharacteristic of you. Will you be well today to try again?” Carwyn…always trying to be gentle in how he puts not so great opinions in front of me.

One week left before we fold space. Twenty Five legions of our best soldiers. The high guard, the most elite, will stay home. Guard the homeland. Strategy seems to hold my focus now, the words of Carwyn fall to a short second or third. How to go about the attack exactly? I must consult with my military counsel. But, first I feel like crushing the Varnoo in the hologram arena.

I turn to Carwyn for the first time. ” I am fine. Have 527 ready the arena. I will be there in twenty minutes. I wish you to announce a military counsel this evening on the subject of strategy. Tell all that I expect them to come…opinionated.”

“Yes, Sire. I will do exactly as you say.” Carwyn saw something in the king’s eyes that he hadn’t seen in a long…very long time. Determination…that fire he was known for. He seemed no longer beaten. Something turned. Something clicked. Something must have been resolved within him.

Or perhaps he is counting himself dead already.

by Meyer Lane

Retribution “Pisces Falling” Series No.5 by Meyer Lane

I don’t quite remember when or how I fell asleep, but I awoke with a splitting headache.

I roil through the past as if I will find something that will turn all the clocks back. Something that will take it all back.

It was only five years ago when the ship “Pisces Falling” left folding space to points known only to the captain and on board teachers. It was a school mission, a tradition on Lyria in which brand new students usually age five to seven went on an inaugural space fold to herald the beginning of their years of learning. They leave for a period of three years. This was hard on family, but it was felt to be necessary for a proper education.

The children before…they always came back with stories…knowledge not one other person could understand but themselves. My oldest son took the Pisces Falling journey not ten years ago. He came back changed. My youngest son was on this voyage.

We received faint radio transmission from Pisces Falling at the first of the rainy season on year three. They were to return home. And so we waited…and waited. The day of their expected return came and faded. As did the following weeks and months. We could not risk a space fold to their last transmitted position as we were not in proper alignment.

That did not concern my eldest son. He hijacked a skimmer, the smallest craft able to fold space…and left.

He found the “Pisces Falling” one year later….limping in space, at the edge of what we know now to be the Varnoo’s binary star system.

My head is getting worse…I’m sweating, feel faint.

What he found was the worst tragedy in the history of Lyria. Dead…they were all dead. Left sacrificed…some half eaten. A warning. He did not find his younger brother. Anguished by the recent transmission and in a state of shock, we begged him to come home. He would not listen. He was going to find his brother if it was the last thing he did. It was the last thing he did.

Tears begin to roll down my cheek.

This is why I locked myself in the living hologram transport and left to find my son. No person had ever attempted a living hologram link at this great of a distance for this long of a period of time. I caught up with him on a moon adjacent to the home planet of the Varnoo…a mining colony. By the time I found him, he was already poisoned and surrounded. Living dead.

Every minute it seems an anger is growing behind my sorrow, the sorrow of Lyria. . My life…gone. Lyria’s hopes and dreams…gone. But I have one thing left…revenge…retribution. This is my only purpose now.

by Meyer Lane

Game Over “Pisces Falling” Series No.4 by Meyer Lane

Systems seem lost…like falling headfirst into certain death.

And so I think as such of the loss of faith.

Machines, mechanisms, artificial intelligence, odds, and probabilities replace.

I put on my battle gear for practice…feels cold now where it used to feel part of me.

Have I lost the will to fight?

Personal Assistant Android 527 reminds me to strike fast for the most vulnerable point in the Varnoo suit.

“Strike fast…certain death” it says.

I enter the hologram training arena cold and uninterested.

The influence of Pisces Falling ringing in my brain.

The artificial Varnoo hologram appears 4 meters away. I leap to strike.

Android 527 calls, “Miss.” I fall to one knee…eyes closed.

Varnoo death blow.

Game over.

I open my eyes. Android 527 staring blankly. If he cared, he would ask me what happened.

Even though he did not ask, I answered.

“Pisces Falling”, I reply as I walk off the arena back to my quarters.

by Meyer Lane

Pisces Falling by Meyer Lane Released Online Free

We are proud to announce that the Pisces Falling Series by Meyer Lane is being released online exclusively by the Short Attention Span Press.

Pisces Falling is a Flash Science Fiction story presented in parts about two worlds headed to war under one belief but for two different and distinct reasons.

To read the compilation thus far, click the link below. Be sure to scroll to the bottom to start from the beginning.

Pisces Falling by Meyer Lane