Who is We and What is the Short Attention Span Press Doing Here?


The Oracle


The Short Attention Span Press is a group of people that post important advice to writers of all genres under the guide of accomplished author Meyer Lane. Meyer Lane, himself, takes the time most every day to make comments and post advice that he also sees fit along with posting an an occasional original piece of work for exclusive release to the internet for free. You may be able to catch him online at any time.

We at the Short Attention Span Press are glad to be a part of this most unusual mix of accomplished and struggling writers. We would also like to thank Meyer Lane for his guidance and willingness to put a pen name up in order to consistently assist new writers. Know that there is a measured amount of contractual risk he is taking by doing so. It is for this reason that he cannot reveal his true name. He feels that it is a small amount of risk to take in order to reach into the void of unknown great writers and inspire them (even give them a place to showcase their work) to become known for their own unique abilities that only they have.

Now a word from Meyer;

“It is a shame that I have seen a great many artists that not only had the ability to be listed amongst the great writers in history but were already producing works that reflected so only pass into the emptiness. I am here to try to stop the attrition. I am here to give people the inspiration and the chance to become what I know they can become. We are not looking for the muse. We are the muse.”

~ Meyer Lane

We at the Short Attention Span Press would like to again thank you for your continued support.

~ Gabriel M., Supervising Editor

4 thoughts on “Who is We and What is the Short Attention Span Press Doing Here?

  1. There is always risk involved in writing. I am often asked to submit free material to people for their publications. I often keep my best work in a folder on my desktop. It may never see the light of day but it is worth something to me and I refuse to give it away. Most of us in the “bloggosphere” post work for “exclusive release to the internet for free” for exposure that rarely amounts to much. People are writing and reading less than amazing poetry and prose while brilliant writers remain unpublished. Publishers appear to be buried under too many manuscripts and there seems to be an overwhelming number of “how to get published” articles, books and sites…that end up being “dead ends”. It certainly is a challenge. Oftentimes it requires money that struggling writers do not have to place their work under the noses of the right people. Thank you Meyer Lane and The Short Attention Span Press for the time and effort expended to provide helpful and relevant information.

    • Very well said. Money for exposure does talk in this day and age, however, the old methods still ring true. The writers who are prolific in their attempts to get published using ‘free’ methods after what seem to be millions of rejected submissions also have just as much of a chance (some say even better chance) to be published. This is how I was published for the first time. This is how I became a journalist. This is how I eventually was asked to be on the radio for live readings of my poetic works. I simply wouldn’t stop writing and submitting. Eventually, someone somewhere will see your level of work, understand it in their own way, and appreciate your own unique level of greatness. ~ Meyer

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