Silently, Robotically “Pisces Falling” Series No.9 by Meyer Lane

**This is the 9th installment of my “Pisces Falling” Series. To see the entire story thusfar, find the Pisces Falling Category on the listings on the right sidebar. I am having great fun with this story . . . a little at a time.   😉  ** ~ Meyer Lane

Buzzing with activity. The city is on fire, consumed by the excitement and fear of the soon to be departed army. The soldiers did not waste a minute saying their goodbye’s to family and friends even though they are taught not to believe in goodbye’s. I feel it gives a soldier more upfront hope and confidence that they have the ability to get back home. So, with their private goodbye’s said, the army now is in full swing of preparation for the voyage. They are working together silently, robotically.

Three days til we depart. Everywhere, everything, every person, seems to be in a dream world. Like this whole world we sit in right now is completely fake. I rub my eyes. Lips are chapped. I don’t remember the last time I ate or drank.

It almost like I expect to wake of from this dream . . . this nightmare. Yet, for all of my fears, I must not fail. For all of our lost children I must not fail. For all of our future hopes and dreams, I must not fail. For all of Lyria, I must not fail.

~ Meyer Lane

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