Self Pub Gurus: An interview with J.Carson Black

From Shelfari:

J. Carson Black is the pen name for Tucson author Margaret Falk, whose published books are, Darkscope, Dark Horse, and The Desert Waits (as Margaret Falk) and The Tombstone Rose and Superstitions (as Annie McKnight)
J. Carson Black is the critically-acclaimed author of the Laura Cardinal series: Darkness on the Edge of Town, Dark Side of the Moon, and The Devil’s Hour. Her phenomenally successful Kindle Edition of her crime thriller, The Shop, has sold more than 60,000 copies since its publication date in March 2011.
Born and raised in Tucson, Arizona, she was inspired by Stephen King’s The Shining, to write her own horror novel, a ghost story titled Darkscope, set in the historic mining town of Bisbee, Arizona. Darkscope was published by Kensington Publishing Corp. and she never looked back.

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