The Rhythm of Writing: Pete Hamill

Pete Hamill

Pete Hamill

“I do think about the rhythm, often before beginning a passage. Is it blues? Chamber music? Bebop? Or mambo? I don’t do this mechanically, but I want to hear some of the words before I put them down. I always try to write sentences that end in hard words, so that I don’t even need a period. This is obviously a lesson from poetry. For instance, ‘I hit him with a rock’ is better than ‘I threw a rock at him.’”

From Wikpedia:

Pete Hamill (born June 24, 1935) is an American journalist, novelist, essayist, editor and educator. Widely traveled and having written on a broad range of topics, he is perhaps best known for his career as a New York City journalist, as “the author of columns that sought to capture the particular flavors of New York City’s politics and sports and the particular pathos of its crime.”Hamill was a columnist and editor for the New York Post and The New York Daily News.

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