Jonathan Cahn Responds to Critics

** Everyone should listen to this video. What are the topics that people just aren’t supposed to voice their opinion about? Religion and Politics…taboo, right? Jonathan Cahn wrote a best selling novel about religion. Can you imagine how many critics he had? Still…a best seller. Here is what I want you to take from this video…pay close attention to what Jonathan Cahn states were the negative critiques of his work. Understand that you will always have critics to a point. In certain ways critics are good. In many ways, however, you can become absorbed in their overly detailed, ludicrous, ‘Wordsworthian’, trash talking. Everyone has a point of view. Just don’t let it become 100% of you. **

~ Meyer Lane



Jonathan Cahn  leads the Jerusalem Center (& Beth Israel) a worship center made up of Jew and Gentile, people of all nations – located in Wayne, New Jersey, outside New York City. He is the best selling author of The Harbinger.




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