The Sorrow of Man by Meyer Lane

Corcoran State Prison
900 Quebec Avenue
Corcoran, CA 93212
Protective Housing Unit

** Communication Reviewed and Approved **


Report: December 12th, 1981 ~ The Santa Ana home of  Sebastian Wainright III was raided by police. Two adults, four children were found placed perfectly in their beds. They all were groomed and no blood was apparent on the scene. The heads of each of the victims were completely severed and placed back in natural anatomical position. Upon further search of the house, officers found Sebastian Wainright III bathing in a bathtub full of blood in the basement. He made no comments.

March 11th, 2011 ~ Sebastian Wainright III was denied parole for the third time. He still refuses to speak. The following is the only communication verbal or written that inmate Wainright has attempted. Prison psychiatrists have slowly been encouraging said inmate to communicate in an effort to gain some movement in regards to reform.

Sebastian Wainright III

What exactly is it that you think you know about the sorrow of man? Is it the kind of sorrow when you wet your bed and were afraid to tell your mommy? Is it the type of sorrow when the fat kid in school called you a fairy? Is it the kind of sorrow when your poor little grandmother wasted away from cancer in front of your eyes?

This disillusion in the minds of people continues. It will forever continue due to the instant self proclaimed (verbal or internal) geniuses that crawl over this earth like a plague. Sorrow is this disillusion itself. Sorrow is what they see when they are dying, breathing their last breath, chocking on their own blood…they realize that the last time they last time they masturbated was their last and final thrill. That last breath…sorrowful…pitiful.

The way I see it…I did you a favor.

* Stop Communication *

As a profile expert in the area of writing, we would like you to type up a full report on the above communication. More detailed information on Inmate Wainright can be forwarded to you at your request to assist in this report.

Thank you for your assistance in this matter.


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