You Cannot Be a Writer

” If you do not write, you are not a writer. As such, it would then only stand to reason that you are incompetent and incapable of producing a readable piece of work to garner attention from more than a handful of friends whom you supply with free copies.”  ~Anonymous

I was once asked why I post so many advice columns on my blog from well known authors. It is not to mire people in the suggestions of the lucky few published and monetarily successful authors out there. It is to give you the ability to peer inside the heads of these writers and then turn those ideas around upon yourselves in order to find your own unique way…your path to the end you wish.

That being said, if you are reading these columns of advice and immediately applying them to your writing mid book…then you have completely missed the point. These authors do not hold the holy grail of inspiration…you do. You know what works for you. It’s not working yet, you say? Well, I am very sorry, but boo-hoo. You must be able to persevere rejection after rejection…hundreds if need be. Oh, and if you are that despondent from being rejected time after time, then self publish and see how much time and money it takes you to accomplish the same marketing efforts as a major publisher. Yes, I know it can be done. I rolled five sixes in dice once too.

The writing world in regards to publishing  (or wanting to be published) seems to have become bipolar. On one side you have the lucky few to have been published who then become those who are allowed to expound their wisdom on others (because they know better) due to the fact they were lucky enough to be published then idolized by the masses as gods of the writing world. On the other side, you have the millions of unpublished writers. A percentage of these writers are much better then the currently published writers. Even still, this group tends to cling to the inspirational quotations of the above mentioned published few. Why?

The answer is simple. They cling to an ideal that is acceptable to the modern writing outline. But wait…then how do you explain some of the most successful anti-writers of our time such as Charles Bukowski, Junot Diaz, Tanith Lee, Irvine Welsh, Hunter S. Thompson…the list goes on. It is the difference between Wordsworth and the establishment and ground blazing anti-establishment works of Thomas Chatterton that introduced the world to the romantic poetry movement.

My point is this. If you listen to the establishment, you will become refined, maybe even to the point of becoming published. However, how much of you will be in those works?

Will you be like every one before you…the gleam in Wordsworth’s eye, or will invoke your own personal fire to lite the world?

I hope you pick the latter.

~ Meyer Lane

6 thoughts on “You Cannot Be a Writer

  1. Great post – I think the ‘establishment’ is finished and good riddance. Maybe writers can write what they want as opposed to what they think will get past an editor.

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