Body Count “Pisces Falling” Series No.7 by Meyer Lane

I head directly for the hologram arena. There is a resolve here now I cannot explain. My battle suit now feeling like a second skin. My hands as much of a weapon as any other I know. My awareness…second sight.

527 says something as I step into the arena…I couldn’t hear what he said.

As 527 approaches the control panel to start the sequence…I leap…spin to my right and back thrust as the Varnoo appears at the ready.

Kill shot. He didn’t have a chance.

527 announces “New Arena Record” I pay no attention to 527 or the onlookers now gathering outside the arena to watch their King.

Next Sequence…two Varnoo. One Attacks as the other waits for just before the strike to shoot his poison dart.

Block Varnoo 1…dodge poison dart. Strike the the lower calf of Varnoo 1…to the bone. Swing around and shoot Varnoo 2….Head shot…blood everywhere.

Varnoo strikes slicing my midsection through my suit. 527 must have turned on the pain amplifier…searing pain from a blade made to cause continuous bleeding. I fall clutching my side. Varnoo 1 comes in for the kill. He jumps in head first… blade in double handed drive. I wait for what seems like five minutes, lasts only a fraction of a second. I know something he doesn’t know…my reach is longer. Blade out in a counter thrust, this time form my left hand.

I drive my blade deep into the Varnoo skull. It collapses…they have a weak skull structure.

Game Over.

527 turns off the sequence. My wound fades away with the pain. It felt good. I could not even hear the cheers from outside the arena. It still did not matter to me. I suppose it gave them faith. For me, it was only a brief feeling of authority…control…superiority. I want more.

I will have my chance. Wave after wave of Lyrian troopers will have a chance.

It won’t be one on one…or even two on one. On Varnoo…it will be thousands on thousands. A different game all together. It is a different strategy altogether.

I think to myself…lets just see what the counsel has come up with. Whatever is decided, I know there is only one thing I am interested in and that is not conquest.

I am only interested in body count.

~ Meyer Lane

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