Our Charge by Meyer Lane

So, when was it that I thought I was different?

Was it Day 1? Yes, I believe so.

So…so egotistical to think that you can change…well, everything.

Yet, how many people hold on to that feeling?

How many people hold on to that feeling not out of hope…but out of the knowledge that they truly can.

And…is that not the difference between greatness and mundane…normal?

Normal tends to be a long road that leads you right back to that same mundane beginning.

So, what is there left to do?

By rights, you must change the face of this earth, this interaction you call life by what you have to give it.

By your talents, behavior, actions, feeling…you already know it is true.

It is a big job…no doubt.

However, it is one you are made to do.

So, you are a writer…write to change.

Change life…understanding…perception…feeling…mood.

Make everything more meaningful.

That is…as writers… what we can do.

~Meyer Lane

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