Dead Already ” Pisces Falling” Series No.6 by Meyer Lane

” I heard about your practice in the arena, Sire. 527 said it was most uncharacteristic of you. Will you be well today to try again?” Carwyn…always trying to be gentle in how he puts not so great opinions in front of me.

One week left before we fold space. Twenty Five legions of our best soldiers. The high guard, the most elite, will stay home. Guard the homeland. Strategy seems to hold my focus now, the words of Carwyn fall to a short second or third. How to go about the attack exactly? I must consult with my military counsel. But, first I feel like crushing the Varnoo in the hologram arena.

I turn to Carwyn for the first time. ” I am fine. Have 527 ready the arena. I will be there in twenty minutes. I wish you to announce a military counsel this evening on the subject of strategy. Tell all that I expect them to come…opinionated.”

“Yes, Sire. I will do exactly as you say.” Carwyn saw something in the king’s eyes that he hadn’t seen in a long…very long time. Determination…that fire he was known for. He seemed no longer beaten. Something turned. Something clicked. Something must have been resolved within him.

Or perhaps he is counting himself dead already.

by Meyer Lane

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