Retribution “Pisces Falling” Series No.5 by Meyer Lane

I don’t quite remember when or how I fell asleep, but I awoke with a splitting headache.

I roil through the past as if I will find something that will turn all the clocks back. Something that will take it all back.

It was only five years ago when the ship “Pisces Falling” left folding space to points known only to the captain and on board teachers. It was a school mission, a tradition on Lyria in which brand new students usually age five to seven went on an inaugural space fold to herald the beginning of their years of learning. They leave for a period of three years. This was hard on family, but it was felt to be necessary for a proper education.

The children before…they always came back with stories…knowledge not one other person could understand but themselves. My oldest son took the Pisces Falling journey not ten years ago. He came back changed. My youngest son was on this voyage.

We received faint radio transmission from Pisces Falling at the first of the rainy season on year three. They were to return home. And so we waited…and waited. The day of their expected return came and faded. As did the following weeks and months. We could not risk a space fold to their last transmitted position as we were not in proper alignment.

That did not concern my eldest son. He hijacked a skimmer, the smallest craft able to fold space…and left.

He found the “Pisces Falling” one year later….limping in space, at the edge of what we know now to be the Varnoo’s binary star system.

My head is getting worse…I’m sweating, feel faint.

What he found was the worst tragedy in the history of Lyria. Dead…they were all dead. Left sacrificed…some half eaten. A warning. He did not find his younger brother. Anguished by the recent transmission and in a state of shock, we begged him to come home. He would not listen. He was going to find his brother if it was the last thing he did. It was the last thing he did.

Tears begin to roll down my cheek.

This is why I locked myself in the living hologram transport and left to find my son. No person had ever attempted a living hologram link at this great of a distance for this long of a period of time. I caught up with him on a moon adjacent to the home planet of the Varnoo…a mining colony. By the time I found him, he was already poisoned and surrounded. Living dead.

Every minute it seems an anger is growing behind my sorrow, the sorrow of Lyria. . My life…gone. Lyria’s hopes and dreams…gone. But I have one thing left…revenge…retribution. This is my only purpose now.

by Meyer Lane

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