Suffering Hick Town by Meyer Lane

“Engines locked up. It ain’t gong nowhere”, the mechanic says as he wipes the tobacco spit off his bottom lip.

By the looks of his uniform, he’s been working for the last twelve years straight.

“Suffering hick town” I think to myself. “Of all the godforsaken places to get stuck in.” I ramble on to myself.

My list of things to do, you know, back in reality…back in the city…back in civilization. You know the place where they know what good food is, what WiFi is, cable TV, Email, maybe one bar on cell phone would be nice, people! Now, my whole schedule is fucked. In fact, I don’t even know what my schedule is

I look at the mechanic, still waiting for an answer.

” Well, what choice do I have? I’ll wait.” I finally reply.

” Alright then, you could go over to the diner and grab somethin’ to eat. I’ll come fetch ya when I know how long it’ll take.” he offers nicely then turns back toward the shop, walking toward my car.

With a sigh, I turn toward the diner and shuffle through the dusty heat of the day. “Great, I wonder how much this shit is gonna cost. As if I don’t have enough bills to worry about. Probably take all day if I’m lucky. Slow ass hicks. Stuck here all day…fuck.” I continue the rant to myself.

I walk into the diner/convenience store. I really don’t feel like sitting down to some country slop, so I head over to grab a soda, then to the register. There is a full line of people. Travelers just like me. Tired, road worn, pockets full of change from countless stops for gas and piss breaks. I finally get to the head of the line. The line now as long behind me when I first started.

The cashier, older lady, stereotypical country diner looking wear looks at me and tells me the amount. My mind still writhing from the road and the break down tries to process the amount with at the same time being weary of the line behind me. I fumble through crumpled up bills and change. Can’t seem to think straight. The cashier, noticing my difficulty and rush says ” Don’t worry honey, no rush…we got all day.” and smiles this relaxing smile. I finally get the proper amount, grab my soda and head toward the door noticing the people in line also smiling.

“Relax…we got all day?” I truly don’t know if I want to shoot myself or just…I don’t know…sit?

by Meyer Lane









One thought on “Suffering Hick Town by Meyer Lane

  1. I immediately identified with this, not because I’ve been in that exact situation, but because I alternate between living that paradigm (the frustration at slowness), or because I yearn to slip the clutch into neutral.

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