Game Over “Pisces Falling” Series No.4 by Meyer Lane

Systems seem lost…like falling headfirst into certain death.

And so I think as such of the loss of faith.

Machines, mechanisms, artificial intelligence, odds, and probabilities replace.

I put on my battle gear for practice…feels cold now where it used to feel part of me.

Have I lost the will to fight?

Personal Assistant Android 527 reminds me to strike fast for the most vulnerable point in the Varnoo suit.

“Strike fast…certain death” it says.

I enter the hologram training arena cold and uninterested.

The influence of Pisces Falling ringing in my brain.

The artificial Varnoo hologram appears 4 meters away. I leap to strike.

Android 527 calls, “Miss.” I fall to one knee…eyes closed.

Varnoo death blow.

Game over.

I open my eyes. Android 527 staring blankly. If he cared, he would ask me what happened.

Even though he did not ask, I answered.

“Pisces Falling”, I reply as I walk off the arena back to my quarters.

by Meyer Lane

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