R.W.E. by Shannon Apollo

laugh at yourself
often and much
positive comedic relief
grumpy hearts to touch
wise professors learn my signals
even in flip-flops and shorts
intelligent conversations
relevant points and retorts

sand castles with the kids
high fives and scraped knees
run around with no age
hiding from my nephews in the leaves

I earned the praise
worked hard and true
moved on from the liars
false friends unlike you

stop and breathe the sunrise
appreciate nature’s tiny beauty
seek talent in the meek
help others find their duty

combine love for a gift
to carry on our name
a garden patch of knowledge
generational seedlings grow the same

teach the kids to play
stand up and live together
help one soul to the light
these efforts last forever

it is not about the masses
just one single grain on the beach
one mind you can help
build a bridge for better reach

then sit back on the porch of life
as ideas grow to be
I remember the valuable lessons
my father taught me

* Shannon Apollo is an accomplished poet with many more great works online at www.shannonapollo.me

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