Pray the Heavens “Pisces Falling” Series No.3

The home of the Varnoo holds such a contrast to my home of Lyria.

Varnoo rocky, hot, a violent fiery world obsessed with domination. I suppose to be born of fire is to act as such.

Lyria mostly water, shades of blues, cool, peaceful, a sorrowful pride pervades. That is, ever since we learned of Pisces Falling.

The troops prepare now for the long journey. Timeline for exit now stands at two weeks before we are in optimal position to fold space. We must get to them before they get to us. Save the homeland.

The shadow troops of the Varnoo also prepare. They take no prisoners…no rules of engagement.

We will also act in like.

The order is made.

No quarter.

You can see the feeling of these words sink deep into the troops eyes.

Pray the heavens will be with us.

by Meyer Lane







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